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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the specific goals for each area of RIDE?

RIDER: Connect with the rider and establish a long-term relationship by offering the complete Motorsports package. Don't just sell motorcycles, provide lifestyle opportunities. Don't just sell ATVs, provide the whole ATV lifestyle.

INSTRUCTION: Establish your dealership as the information center for rider instruction, training and education. Whether it's beginner riding instruction, a track day school or an adventure-touring ride series, we want you to be the source to help Motorsports enthusiasts fulfill their dreams.

DEMONSTRATION: Establish your dealership as the leader in offering safe, enjoyable and productive demo rides as part of the sales process. Why buy a product without experiencing the ride of the machine? We want you to incorporate the demo ride during the sales process to let riders experience the products first-hand and make an educated decision to purchase a Yamaha or Star product.

EVENTS: Establish your dealership as the main resource for fun, interesting and educational rider events and activities. Whether it's Sportbike-riding, ATV outdoorsman activities or cruiser-related events, we want you to connect riders to your dealership through regularly scheduled activities that cater to riders' specific likes, wants and needs.

2. What is the desired outcome?

RIDE is all about helping you grow your business through increased customer loyalty. We are asking you to become the center of the Motorsports experience in your community. When your dealership becomes the go-to place for enthusiasts, including rider instruction, demo rides and rider events, you create more opportunities to engage and establish relationships with existing and new customers and bond them to your dealership.

3. How do I get started?

Start by completing the three RIDE e-learning modules located in YMU online. Logon to YDS, click on the Education tab, click on Yamaha Motor University, click on YMU Online, enter your user name and password, and launch the RIDE curricula.

  • From the RIDE Instruction e-learning module, determine which level (One, Two or Three) of participation your dealership can achieve. What can your dealership do to get people in your community interested and involved in rider instruction?
    • Determine how your dealership can take advantage of Yamaha's rider instruction partners such as NESBA, Champions Riding School, Raines' Riding University and AMA Super Ténéré Adventure Touring Series to get experienced riders more engaged with your dealership and your products.
  • From the RIDE Demonstration portion of the training, sit down with your staff and discuss offering a demo ride program. What are the obstacles you need to overcome?
    • Develop a plan to implement demos as part of the sales process to close more sales. Think about how you can differentiate your dealership from the competition by being the dealership that goes the extra mile and offers riders the chance to ride before they buy.
  • Utilize the RIDE Events training to make a dealer events plan. What type of rider events and activities can you plan that will fit in your budget and draw in your target audience?
    • Think about incorporating service clinics, open houses, track days, demos and group rides into your Events plan. RIDE isn't just about selling units, it's also about service, parts, performance—are you hosting events that focus on these areas?
4. What if I am already participating in these initiatives?

Great. You've done an outstanding job. Share your success stories with your DM and promote the activities you are doing. Focus on turning Instruction, Demonstrations and Events into retail results.

5. What if I don't have space to set up a rider instruction training course?

We're not asking all dealers to set up a rider instruction course at their dealership. There are three levels of rider instruction outlined in the RIDE training module. Every dealer can participate in one of the three levels. You need to choose the level that works for you and your staff. Perhaps you can hold the classroom portion of MSF training at the dealership, while the riding is done at another locale.

6. What if I can't do demos at my dealership?

Please complete the RIDE training module and then sit down with your DM and discuss the issues. He knows there are risks involved. Talk with him and discuss how you might be able to manage the risks. Managing a successful demo program means more sales, more profits and more satisfied customers. Use the information in the RIDE module and think about how you can take control of the demo process so it becomes an effective and profitable closing tool, not an opportunity for joy riders. Remember, we're not advocating that you provide the keys to every person who walks through the door and wants to ride. The demo ride is a powerful sales tool to get the buyer who is on the fence to buy now. Customers tell us they often pass by dealers in their area who don't allow demos and will go further to a find a dealer who does offer demo rides.

7. What if I can implement street motorcycle demos but don't have a place for ATV off-road demo rides?

We are not advocating you take customers to the parking lot to demo ride ATVs. ATV demos require the right surface and not all dealers have a locale conducive to off-road ATV demo riding. If you don't have the ability to transport prospects to an environment appropriate for a safe, informative, quality demo experience, then it may not be possible for you to include ATV demos in the sales process.

8. How many RIDE events and activities do you expect a dealer to do?

As many as can be done effectively within the staffing limitations you have. The goal is to drive floor traffic by offering compelling reasons for Motorsports enthusiasts to connect with your dealership. Every event doesn't have to be a huge extravaganza that requires six months of planning. A Service Clinic for Star customers or Suspension Adjustment Clinic for YZ riders can be done without major resource requirements. Remember, we want customers to recognize your dealership as the #1 source for information and knowledge to support their ride of choice and the lifestyle that goes along with it.

9. What incentives will I receive for participating in RIDE?

The purpose of RIDE is to provide you with the tools to grow your retail sales. By engaging customers in the full-service Motorsports lifestyle, which includes rider instruction, demonstration and events we want your dealership to be the place to buy all products related to the Motorsports lifestyle.

10. I don't have the staff to implement all of the RIDE programs, what should I do?

We understand staff is required to implement programs. Please complete the RIDE training modules and implement Rider Instruction, Demonstration and Events in a manner that makes the most sense for your dealership.

Keep in mind…

  • RIDE Instruction Levels One and Two don't require significant staffing requirements.
  • RIDE Demonstrations can be integrated into the sales process whether you have one salesperson or five.
  • RIDE Events and activities don't have to be large scale, major productions to be successful.
11. I don't have the financial resources to participate in RIDE, what should I do??

We understand you may have limited resources to implement programs. Please complete the RIDE training module and afterward re-assess whatever financial constraints you think preclude you from implementing RIDE in your dealership.


  • RIDE Instruction Levels One and Two don't require financial resources.
  • RIDE Demonstration can be integrated into the sales process with the First Ride Program support without costing your dealership large outlays of cash.
  • RIDE Events and activities don't have to be large scale, major productions to be successful and can be conducted on a budget using co-op funds, PY (Pro Yamaha) marketing funds or can be structured in conjunction with other vendors who offset or shares in costs.
  • Adding online and social network-related resources to your marketing plan to promote Rider Instruction, Demonstrations and Events can give you a lot more exposure for very little cost.
12. When will the training courses be available for dealers?

The three e-learning modules (RIDE Instruction / RIDE Demonstrations / RIDE Events) are available now by logging onto YMU Online and launching the courses.

13. Is it true that there will be RIDE point of purchase (P.O.P.) materials?

Yes. P.O.P. for RIDE will be available. The P.O.P. will encourage consumers to ask dealers about rider instruction, demo ride opportunities and upcoming dealer events. The goal with the P.O.P. is to get customers talking to your staff about rider services you offer to support the Motorsports lifestyle, which includes these three key areas of RIDE.

14. Will the consumer Website feature RIDE?

Yes. By November 2011, the Yamaha consumer Website will feature pages encouraging consumers to go to their local Yamaha/Star dealer for information about rider instruction, demo ride opportunities and dealership rider events and activities. We are sending Motorsports enthusiasts to your Yamaha/Star dealership for answers.

15. Will the consumer Website indicate that all dealers are RIDE dealers and offer demo rides?

No. The website will encourage consumers to visit their local Yamaha/Star dealer to learn how that dealer supports Motorsports enthusiasts. It's possible that a consumer may visit their local dealership and realize that dealer chose not to offer or participate in RIDE — or only offers a portion of it. We don't expect every dealer to embrace RIDE and that is their option. We feel consumers will seek out the dealers they wish to do business with and make their choice known.

16. How does RIDE fit with Pro Yamaha (PY)?

We are confident PY dealers will want to utilize RIDE to drive floor traffic to expand their plan to become the center of Motorsports in their community.

17. How does RIDE impact or integrate with the riding schools that Yamaha sponsors?

We want to make you aware of these schools so you can engage customers and get them interested in attending and having a great Yamaha experience. The schools offer an excellent opportunity for your dealership to provide unique, fun activities for your customers.

18. How does RIDE fit with Star Touring and Riding?

Star Touring and Riding is an opportunity to get Star riders involved in the lifestyle while being involved with a Star dealer. If your area does not have a STAR chapter then we encourage you to approach your Star customers about getting a STAR chapter launched.