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RIDE Events

If there's one thing as important to the rider as the ride, it's living the lifestyle! The "E" in RIDE is for events. This e-learning training module is all about showing you how to host fun and appealing events and activities to support the different rider lifestyles that make up your customer base.

Our objective is to help keep riders engaged with your dealership and promote repeat and referral business. We want them to think of your dealership whenever they are in the market for anything related to their ride! And we're betting they will choose and refer the place that offers them the complete Motorsports package, including events and activities that allow them to share their passion with other enthusiasts who share their same interests.

This course offers valuable information, tools, resources and ideas to…

  • Plan, promote and execute rider events to achieve the maximum results.
  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers and draw in new prospects.
  • Keep each rider event working in the dealership all year long.

There's even some great information for establishing a budget and promoting events online, using social media.

This training course is for all dealership staff. Please take this training and put the knowledge to work by hosting regularly scheduled events and activities for riders in your community. Be sure to click on the "FAQs" link, where we've addressed key areas to help explain what RIDE is all about and how it relates to each dealership.

Ready to take the required online training? Log on to YMU Online to access the RIDE training courses and register now. For registration instructions, check out the "Quick Start Guide".