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RIDE Demonstration

The "D" in RIDE is for Demonstration, as in demo rides sell product! This e-learning module focuses on helping you implement and manage a successful demo program in your dealership. Statistics continually show that a demo ride, when offered to a qualified rider and implemented correctly in the sales process, can be a major factor in closing a sale.

Even though demo rides are a strong sales tool, we understand that some dealerships are reluctant to offer demo rides. This course addresses these concerns and offers valuable information and tools to minimize the risk of a demo program while maximizing the results.

This course is also an important element in our campaign to help your dealerships become the go to place for all-things Motorsports in your area. Offering Yamaha and Star demo rides to qualified candidates is a key element in providing customers and prospects with a "one-stop" full-service experience that can bond them to a dealership for years to come.

This training is for all dealership staff. Please complete the module and find out how to put demos to work in the sales process today. Be sure to click on the "FAQs" link, where we've addressed key areas to help explain what RIDE is all about and how it relates to each dealership.

Ready to take the required online training? Log on to YMU Online to access the RIDE training courses and register now. For registration instructions, check out the "Quick Start Guide".